Rare Summer Yellow 951 Porsche
  This summer yellow 951 Porsche was delivered to it's owner this morning(March 26th,2011) for it's 852 mile journey home with an LS1 conversion that we just finished! The car started life as a turbo 944, but with high maintenance issues and a small engine fire the owner decided He had enough. Out goes the 4 banger and in came a new 2002 Camaro V8 LS1 motor. We did a few other upgrades to the car, like adding three extra gauges to keep an eye on the vitals of the motor, and a transmission reinforcement plate to help in handling to V8's power. The car also runs Custom hand made full length headers and 2.5" dual exhaust the rest of the way out. A single ,dual in dual out, Magnaflow keeps thing relatively quite. This car carries full emissions equipment along with electric boosted power brakes.