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New C5 1 Piece modified Corvette Bell Housing
Bell Housing Adapter
 C5 1P Bellhousing Adapter Plate
$399.99 + Shipping $24.95
$280.00 + Shipping $35.99
New Bell Housing
Shipping $44.00
 LS Conversion Oil Pan Kit with On Pan Filter 
  •  5.5 Quarts Capacity
  • Pick-Up Tube
  • Gasket
  • Mounting Bolts
  • On Pan Filter Block
  • Wix 57060 filter
  • Coated

Conversion Oil Pan
 LS Engine Conversion Motor Mount Uprights
Shipping $29.99
Motor Mounts
Shipping $14.99
Pilot Bearing Adapter
 1/2" Cross Member Spacers
Includes new longer bolts
 11" LS Conversion Organic Clutch Disc 
Splines for 944 input shaft
 Hydraulic Slave Throw Out Bearing
Includes #3 SS line and fittings plus
 24" remote bleeder
 Billet Power Steering Pump Bracket 
For F-Body setup
 GM F-Body Alternator Bracket
 VSS Kit With Sensor
Shipping $14.99
Shipping $19.99
Clutch Disc
Shipping 24.25
Throw Out Bearing
Shipping $13.99
Power Steering Bracket
Shipping $19.95
Shipping $16.85
 LS Conversion Stainless Steel Long Tube 1 7/8 Headers

For off road use

 Stainless Steel Braided throttle cable 36" 
and fittings
Throttle Cable
Shipping $12.59
VSS kit with sensor
 Transmission Reinforcement Plate
Tranmission Plate
Shipping $14.85
Power Steering Bracket
 LS to 944 Porsche Conversion Tubular Manifolds
Plain Steel Painted Black
Shown with optional V Band Clamps
These come with 3 bolt flanges installed

For off road use
Tube Manifolds
Shipping $36.99
 LS1 Stock Pressure Plate, Flywheel and 11" Clutch Disc +  Pressue Plate and Flywheel Bolts
Clutch Disc
Shipping $58.00
SPEC LS Stage 1 Clutch and Pressure Plate
Call for Pricing
SPEC LS Aluminum Flywheel
Call for Pricing
SPEC LS Steel Flywheel
Call for Pricing
 LS Engine Solid Motor Mount Bushings
Shipping $12.95
Motor Mounts
 Stock 944 Brake Adapter. Allows 944 Master Cylinder to be used with Hydroboost 
Shipping $16.99
Pilot Bearing Adapter
 948 Car Badges
with mounting tape
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  • Brakes - Complete Hydro-Boost brake kit. - Every hose, fitting, modification and assembly required.
  • Fuel Line Kit - Everything needed to modify and install your custom fuel lines. 
  • TurnOne Power Steering pump.
  • Radiators - Stock Turbo and Custom Dual Pass - Comes with hose kits and installation parts where needed.
  • Wiring Harnesses - Specific harnesses for your engine selection and configuration.
  • 7/8 Clutch master for larger pressure plates. Fits stock location. 
  • ​A/C kit - Compressor, Brackets, Belt, Dryer and New Condenser that fits stock location. 
  • Gauge Panels - 1,2,3 hole panels for console installation
  • LS to 944 Water Temp Sensor
  • Oil Pressure kit
  • ​and more.
1/4" Spacer and XL Dowel Kit
Bell Housing Adapter
1/4" Spacer and XL Dowel Kit for use with C5 1 Piece Bell Housing and C5 1 Piece Adapter Plate.
 +Shipping $20.00
Call for Pricing