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Parts for Porsche 944 and 951 Conversions
(Prices are subject to change)
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New C5 1 Piece modified Corvette bell housing
Bell Housing Adapter
 C5 1P Bellhousing Adapter Plate
$359.99 + Shipping $24.95
$264.99 + Shipping $28.99
New Bell Housing
Shipping $24.00
Free shipping with pan purchase
 LS Conversion oil pan 
 Oil Filter Block for Conversion Oil Pan

 Oil Line Block for Conversion Oil Pan
 You must purchase one of the blocks from below, one is not included with the oil pan
Free shipping with pan purchase
Conversion Oil Pan
Oil Filter Block
Oil Line Block
 LS Engine Conversion Motor Mount Uprights
Shipping $18.95
Motor Mounts
 LS Engine Pilot Bearing 
Shipping $6.99
Pilot Bearing Adapter
 1/2" Cross Member Spacers
Includes new longer bolts
 11" LS Conversion Organic Clutch Disc 
Splines for 944 input shaft
 Hydraulic Slave Throw Out Bearing
Includes #3 SS line and fittings plus
 24" remote bleeder
 Billet Power Steering Pump Bracket 
For F-Body setup
 GM F-Body Alternator Bracket
 VSS Kit With Sensor
Shipping $11.99
Shipping $17.95
Clutch Disc
Shipping $14.95
Throw Out Bearing
Shipping $5.95
Power Steering Bracket
Shipping $5.95
Shipping $12.85
 LS Conversion Stainless Steel Long Tube 1 3/4 Headers
Shipping $39.00

 Stainless Steel Braided throttle cable 36" 
and fittings
Throttle Cable
Shipping $7.50
VSS kit with sensor
Painted Headers
 Transmission reinforcement plate
Tranmission Plate
Shipping $12.85
Power Steering Bracket
 LS to 944 Porsche Conversion Tubular Manifolds
Plain Steel Painted Black
Shown with optional V Band Clamps
These come with 3 bolt flanges intalled
Tube Manifolds
Shipping $36.99
 LS1 Stock Pressure Plate, Flywheel and 11" Clutch Disc +  ARP Pressue Plate and Flywheel Bolts
Clutch Disc
Shipping $48.00
SPEC LS Stage 1 Clutch and Pressure Plate
Clutch Disc
Shipping $48.00
SPEC LS Aluminum Flywheel
Clutch Disc
Shipping $38.00
SPEC LS Steel Flywheel
Clutch Disc
Shipping $38.00
 LS Engine Solid Motor Mount Bushings
Shipping $6.95
Motor Mounts
 Stock 944 Brake Adapter. Allows 944 Master Cylinder to be used with Hydroboost 
Shipping $9.99
Pilot Bearing Adapter
 948 Car Badges
with mounting tape
Free Shipping
Tranmission Plate
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Notice: GM has discontinued the C5 2 piece bellhousings. We now provide the C5 1 piece solution.
Notice: New design C5 Adapter Plate for the C5 1 piece bellhousing.