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 for Porsche 944 and 951 Conversions
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These kits are designed to get the LS engine into your 944. There are still other parts required for the conversion. Not sure what parts you need, give us call and lets talk about your project.

Check out a partial list of parts at the bottom on the page.


This is the deluxe LS conversion kit.
It features:
  • New C5 1 Piece Corvette bell housing, modified with 1/4 spacer and long dowel pins
  • C5 1 Piece Bell housing Adapter, with new bolts for installation,
  • LS pilot bearing adapter with a new sealed bearing,
  • LS conversion oil pan, custom fabricated with pick up tube
  • Billet On-Pan oil filter block and cross over plate,
  • LS conversion motor mount uprights,
  • 11" organic conversion clutch disc, 
  • 1/2" cross member spacers with new bolts,
  • Throw out slave bearing with stainless steel hose and fittings for Porsche master cylinder, and 24" Remote Bleeder,
  • 36" Stainless steel throttle cable,
  • VSS kit with new sensor, 
  • Two heater hoses (one 5/8" and one 3/4") , 
  • Heater control valve,
  • Conversion Tubular exhaust manifolds
Basic Kit for Street
Shipping $59.99
Deluxe Kit for Street
Shipping $124.99
Check out some of our other parts:
Call or email for latest price list and orders.

  • Brakes - Complete Hydro-Boost brake kit. Every fitting, hoses, Modification and assembly required
  • Fuel Line Kit - Everything needed to modify and install your fuel custom lines. 
  • TurnOne Power Steering pump.
  • Radiators - Stock Turbo and Custom Dual Pass - Come with hose kits and installation parts where needed.
  • Wiring Harnesses - Specific harnesses for your engine selection and configuration.
  • 7/8 Clutch master for larger pressure plates. Fits stock location. 
  • ​A/C kit - Compressor, Brackets, Belt, Dryer and New Condenser that fits stock location.
  • Gauge Panels - 1,2,3 hole panels for console installation
  • LS to 944 Water Temp Sensor
  • Oil Pressure kit
  • ​and more.